Video credit: Tim Larson

Low Carb Chipotle with Poor Mans Atkins

Tim shares his favorite low carb meal at the Mexican fast food chain Chipotle. When in doubt go with the Chicken Salad.

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What is Poor Man’s Atkin’s?
PMA is website dedicated to help out those of us attempting the Atkin’s diet with some inexpensive and creative shortcuts. Not all of us have the time to spend in the kitchen making hour long recipes and altering food to fit to our new eating lifestyle. We want to be able to eat well and not be forced into carrying beef jerky and cheese sticks in our pockets everywhere we go.

That’s what this site will help you do. To help offer some tips, some delicious on the go meals, and things that you can order at popular places that are enjoyable and easy to get you hands on. And we going to try and do all of that as cheap as we can.